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The Bucket List is a concept that during the past few years has gained a lot of popularity. Most people know what it means: to write down the things you’d like to do in life, and make them happen before it’s too late.

At GO DREAM, we know that this simple concept can create wonders, but our knowledge was still limited so we ventured out to learn more about it. When did the phenomena start to spread? Where does the name come from? How is it relevant for GO DREAM, and last but not least – how is it relevant to you?

Origins of the term

The name bucket list comes from the expression to kick the bucket, which is a somewhat humorous way of referring to death. In the term “Bucket List”, the word “bucket” refers to something to do before you die. By adding the word list, a bucket list is simply a list with things you want to experience before you die.

The phenomena got some real momentum with the 2007 movie The Bucket List, starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. The movie follows two cancer patients that grab the bull by the horns and decide to experience everything they’ve always wanted to. Great movie by the way, so if you haven’t watched it you might want to add it to your list.

What meaning does the concept have for GO DREAM?

The Bucket list is something that we’re very fond of here at GO DREAM. In fact, the concept is directly related to the birth of our company.

You see, a few years ago, GO DREAM’s founder, Nicolai Bille Krogh, received some terrible news from his doctor: he would be blind before the age of 50. This gloomy diagnosis pushed Nicolai to write down a list of things he wished to experience before losing his sight. Suddenly, Nicolai’s abstract dreams started taking shape and becoming reality. One of them was the creation of his own company, GO DREAM.

The company was perfect for his situation. It combined his dream of running his own business with other list items such as driving a Ferrari, fly in a Hot Air Balloon, and diving with sharks.

Not only that, but it also gave him the power to help others realize their dreams – and thus managing to kill three birds with one stone and inspire the creation of our slogan: Make It Happen.

Why should you write a bucket list?

First, we dare say that we have proof showing that it actually works (if you don’t believe us, please read the sections above once again).

Second, we’d like to encourage you not to postpone your dreams until a sad event pushes you.  We want to help you realize that the time is now, yes, right now. You do want to live your dream life, right?

Then, we only have a few more things left to say – you better get started. Start anywhere, anytime. MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Download your bucket list by clicking the photo below:


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