Do you know why?

GO DREAM - Do You Know Why?

Do you know why people are stuck in the everyday life?

Because we are afraid to step outside the line. And why are we afraid of that? Because most of us are creatures of habits that adapts to the routine life in which we know how things work, and we accept that that is what life looks like.  Even though we have that gnawing feeling inside that tells us that everything is not quite right. Of course, it is good to be satisfied with what you have – but don’t forget the importance of trying. It is first after trying that you can be truly satisfied. We believe it is important to take chances, to throw yourself out in the things that might take you one step closer to your dreams.

Do you know why dreams stay as dreams?
For many of us, it stays that way – the days are running away as usual, the dreams you have hidden deep in your mind are more or less forgotten and they become nothing more than just dreams. We get too comfortable with our routines.

Do you know why GO DREAM was started?
This is where GO DREAM comes into the picture. GO DREAM was created in Denmark, by Nicolai Bille Krogh, to give people a chance to experience more of life. So that you can have the chance to live your dream. At GO DREAM, we believe that experiences define our lives. They are what we share, what we talk about and what we remember in the end.

We want every person to get the chance to live their dream life. And we believe an experience can be the start. Maybe you dream about having your own coffee shop? A Barista Course could be the first step.

We have made it our mission to get more people to get more out of life, by providing unique and exciting experiences.

Are you coming with us? 


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