Inspiration for your New Year’s resolutions

New year, new experiences!

A new year is here, and with that comes a feeling of renewal and change. Maybe you’d like to change some old habits, challenge yourself, or make sure to experience more this year. Why not take the chance already now, to fill the calendar with tons of exciting experiences that you can look forward to?

We’ve gathered five simple ideas of New Year’s resolutions that will make 2018 a memorable year:

  • Give your sofa some rest, and get yourself out of there. Come outside and experience something else instead.
  • Have a digital detox. Your phone has for sure gotten some massive attention during 2017, so you can easily ignore it for a bit (we’re sure your close relationship will remain stable anyway).
  • Challenge yourself by trying some new things. We dare to take a guess that there’s more than one thing that you’d love to be better at/advance in. So, get started!
  • Cherish your relationships, and make sure to create happy memories together with the ones you hold dear.
  • Explore the world – US is a huge country, make sure to see more of it. Or, take yourself out of the homely comfort zone and discover a whole new culture in another part of the world!

Now, drink up your coffee, and make sure to start your new year in the right way – with happy memories, precious time with loved ones, and some space for personal development.

And, don’t forget to scroll further down and check out which experiences we think will make 2018 unforgettable.



You’ll hardly miss the sofa when you’re gliding through the air, miles above the ground where everything is calm, but at the same time adventurous. Did you know, that you actually cannot control in what direction the balloon is flying? The balloonist can only make the balloon go up and down. So let the wind show the way, while you experience the landscape from an amazing perspective.

Don’t let yourself, or someone you hold dear miss out on this unique chance to experience the atmosphere in the basket, where the time stands still.

Find the experience here: Air Balloon Ride



Do you want to get away from the sometimes stressful atmosphere of the city? Maybe you need some digital detox, and want to get closer to the nature? Then, a Kayak tour down the Delaware River might be just the right experience for you.

Enjoy the sun, the beautiful surroundings and the stillness on the river, before finishing the kayaking with delicious lunch and some fresh wine tasting at the Westfall Winery.

Find the experience here: Kayak and Vineyard Tour



Throw yourself into a huge wind tunnel, and take it away!

The wind tunnel is normally used for practicing parachute jumpers, and of course for those who want an extraordinary experience. In this wind tunnel, you’ll get as close to flying as any human can, and the only thing you need to do to make your flying dreams come true, is to wake the daredevil inside… Challenge accepted?

Find the experience here: Indoor Skydiving






One of the best things with experiences, is that we can do them together with other people. This way, we can cherish the relationships we have, and make them even stronger by creating new memories together. A good idea to maintain this, is to invite someone you hold dear to a tasty brunch.

Eat something delicious together, share the latest happenings from the week in the cozy atmosphere of a new café. And, don’t forget the most important part – enjoy!

Find the experience here: Brunch for 2, Citywide



Discover something completely new, or maybe re-discover and old favorite. We’re talking about the city that never goes out of fashion – Paris.

Take someone you love on a romantic trip to the City of Love, the charming French capital with its many bridges, bohemian cafés, and world famous museums. Or, go shopping in exclusive stores or take part in the city’s rich nightlife and adventurous atmosphere. Of course, the city also offers the best in architecture, gastronomy and design. This trip will create a lasting memory of 2018.

Find the experience here: Paris for 2


Happy 2018.



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